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Our Producer, Director & DP Scott Singer is also a Photo Journalist, Cinematographer & Editor

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Below are photo's showing the different types of pictures we can take but are not limited to any style or type of picture shown below. Scott uses Flash Photography for Green Screen and in rare occasions, he prefers no flash by using proper lighting and camera settings. Scott has been a photographer for 50 years. 

We love to take pictures and show them to the world. Here you can see some of what we can do!

Our Company Model "Danielle"

Ernest The Cat Miller, Ray Lloyd, Danielle, Larry The Legend, Luther Biggs & Tonga Taken on Set

Our Company Model "Danielle" for an add layout for a product sold on Amazon

Gheeyeh Lead Singer & Guitar "Mind Of Fury Band"

Michael Winslow " Actor, Comedian & Man of Thousands of Sounds"

Green Studio Band Pratice Session

Show Photography

Business Card Photo Edits

Behind The Scenes Photography / Videography Full Feature Film's 

On Set Photography 

2013 MIFF Winner Best Horror Film
Rockabilly Zombie Weekend. Pictured Scott Singer "Pete" and Lissa Knight writer Brevard Live Magazine

Scott Singer is also a Commercial & Instructor Helicopter Pilot. He can Shoot or Pilot for other DP's for Film or Photography. Helicopters can go where Drones cannot!

Sports Photography

Premier Of Rockabilly Zombie Weekend 2013 

Sports Photography

Shooting a national touring band Eve To Adam at Studio Live USA for My TV Show with David Mikeal "Studio Live USA Presents" Scott is on the left with lead singer Taki who owns the band center stage!

Traveling the world to capture some beautiful shots. This picture is in Zurich Switzerland in February 2020 just before the Covid-19 shut down international travel. I had gone there to Judge the Swiss Moto Bike Show Best Of Show for the Rats Hole Bike Show.

Shooting in the Green Studio with Gheeyeh Singer, Writer & Guitar with Mind Of Fury Band. This was for one of the recent music video's we produced. This guy can shred a guitar cleaner then most. Check out his playing on www.vimeo.com/ffpandd

Scott took a helicopter to Miami Beach and flew with a friend over this area where the first house was ever built.. The Fisher Castle, the front faces the bay as there were no streets. Murf The Surf Movie was filmed there. Scott has eaten dinner in this house 45 to 50 years ago. 

This video link is to a song called Immortal by Eve To Adam Band a national touring band. This is one of the two performances from our TV show With Studio Live USA called "Studio Lie USA Presents" Scott Along with Sound Engineer David Mikeal are the Producers.

Montauk NY Fireworks Show, Scott captured on the July 4th calibration. This was the best filming he has been able to get in years of a good display. Usually the police don't let you get close enough but the Montauk Police were great! Hat's off to them!

Dani Dease Band From The Song Mojo Back. Filmed at Studio Live USA for Scott's & David Mikeals Show Studio Live USA Presents!




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We have some BTS for a feature that you may enjoy. Please to not copy or duplicate any content on this website without written permission from Scott Singer. All content is copyrighted!



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At FFP&D we work closely with our clients to make their Ideas and dreams
come true. We welcome the input from our clients as too how they would like the shoot to go and work with them to get to that goal. We will however take the lead and do what we feel is correct to get the best results. Our owner Scott Singer has been a photographer for 50 years while running his business's over the years he has kept up with the changes in the trade. Scott has also been a Video photographer for 40 years when editing meant cutting film strips and placing them on a board with notes of what the scenes are so they could be replaced where needed for the edit. Scott is also a Helicopter Commercial Pilot and Instructor Pilot, he can fly other photographer's for film or photo's and knows just where to put them for the shots as he has taken many video's and pictures from helicopters. He has been flying since 1987

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